Toll collection software solutions for the transportation industry


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Northern Lakes Data Corp. has experience in providing state-of-the-art back office solutions to the Electronic Toll Collection industry for over two decades.

We tailor each of our solutions to meet the specific requirements of the tolling authority, with a focus on maximizing previous infrastructure investments and minimizing future operational costs. NLDC's "big picture" view is enhanced by hands-on experience in addition to technical expertise; giving us a unique perspective on the day-to-day operational needs of a modern toll system. We deliver solutions that bring flexibility, value and peace of mind.

NLDC's custom back office systems include:


  • Customer Service Center
  • Violations Processing
  • Public-Facing Account Management Web Portal
  • Audit and Reconcilliation


  • Payment Processing
  • DMV Query and Hold
  • Collections


  • Video Tolling/Open Road Tolling
  • Traditional Mixed-mode ETC Tolling (Manual, ACM,  AVI)
  • Multi-authority Revenue Sharing, Open Systems, Closed Systems, Interagency Interoperability
  • Decision Support Using Robust Report Trending and Real-time Monitoring